Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Christmas Presents and Life

So, I've begun making Christmas presents.  I've made three hat and scarf sets so far for my sister's girls (the pictures are posted on my Crocheting page).  I'm also in the process of making a throw for my younger brother and will post a picture of that when it's finished.  Once I find out what colors John's nieces like, I'll be making them hat and scarf sets too.  I love making things for people; it makes me happy (which is something I need).

On to the topic of life....After having so many bad days this summer, I wanted to find something I could take to help my depression; something that I would be able to take even when I'm pregnant (so definitely not pills again).  St. John's Wort has been used for a long time for depression, but it isn't safe during pregnacy-so I had to rule that out.  Then I found that fish oil is supposed to help.  I talked with my friend, Liz, who is a pharmacist, and she said that would be a good thing to try.  So, I've been taking fish oil since September, and I do seem to be doing better.  It's been a few weeks since I've felt on the verge of tears on a daily basis, and I have less trouble getting up in the morning due to depressing thoughts.  Both Liz and my sister suggested I take vitamin D as well.  The multivitamin I take daily already has 1000 IUs of vitamin D, so Liz suggested I add another 500 IUs.  That's probably a good idea with winter approaching (considering how bad winter is for me normally).  She told me to look for a brand with the least amount of fillers; so that is what I shall do.  Fingers are crossed that this winter isn't too bad for me.

In other one friend up here, Jackie, is having me create a cover to go over her current car seat cover.  She wants to have two on, so when the top one needs to be cleaned, she'll still be able to use the car seat.  I got the fabric cut yesterday and I should be able to get it all sewn today and tomorrow.  Then I'll just have to add velcro to the edges of both covers so the top one will stay in place but be easy to remove for washing.  I'll post before and after images when it's completed.  Like I said, I like making things for people, and the outdoor cushions I reupholstered for her this summer turned out pretty good.  It'd be much easier doing upholstery projects if I actually had room to work, but I'll make do for now setting up in front of the couch with a folding table I have.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Floor Plans for Home

When I got AutoCAD for school, I decided to draft the plans to the house John and I are going to build on our 40 acres (once we have the money to do it).  I absolutely LOVE AutoCAD!!! :)  We're going to start by building a two-story garage (the second story will have a place for us to live until the main house is built).  This way, we'll be able to move out of our current home (which is tiny and terrible), and live out on our property (which will make it more convenient when building the main house).  We had planned to get the garage built this year, but it certainly doesn't look like that is going to happen, much to my chagrin.  But, anyway, here are my garage and house plans.  I left off the dimensions, but the garage will be 36' x 28', and the house will be 52' x 32'.  The house is a Chalet style.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Design Tip #1: Choosing the right paint color

So, you've decided to freshen up a room, or your whole house, with some new paint.  Let the search begin!  There are so many options out there: brands, colors, finishes, etc.  Do you want something with Low or No VOC's?  Do you want something mildew resistant?  Stain resistant?  Easy to wash?  Environmentally friendly?  Eggshell, satin, or semi-gloss?  Dark, light, or somewhere in the middle?  Should you get something with the primer built in?  So many decisions, so little sanity left!!

First of all, SLOW DOWN.  Take a deep breath....exhale slowly...repeat until calm.  Now, you want to start off thinking about the space you're painting.  The kitchen: you'll probably want a semi-gloss or satin, something easy to wash, possibly stain resistant (depending on your cooking habits).  Bathrooms are a good place to use something mildew resistant, and probably satin finish.

As for the environmental factor, that's completely up to you.  Personally, I love green products because they make me feel like I'm doing something good for the environment by supporting companies that are smart and Earth friendly.  The kitchen would definitely be a good place to use low or no VOC paint, so you won't have to deal with those terrible paint fumes; of course, it's also great for bedrooms, bathrooms, and any other room (in case you couldn't tell, I'm a fan of no VOC's).

Now, colors are a completely personal choice.  Some people want light colors that are bright and cheerful, some want darker colors that are more dramatic.  What's most important is choosing something you and your family will be able to live with for a long time (unless you really want to repaint again in 4 or 5 years when you realize you're sick of the color).  Don't go by what's trendy, go by what you like.

Some things to keep in mind when picking colors: dark colors make a space look smaller, light colors make a space look bigger.  Always remember to look at the paint you want in the space it will be used!  Paint doesn't look the same in every light, so make sure you know how it will look where you'll be putting it.

When you paint a room, don't forget about the ceiling.  Changing the ceiling color can do incredible things to a space.  If you have a large room and want it to feel more cozy and intimate, a darker color on the ceiling can help create that.  Or if you have a small space, but want something other than the boring white ceiling so many people have, go for a lighter tint of the color you're using on the walls.

Remember, when it comes to paint, pick something that makes sense for the space, something you like, and something that will last for years.  Need any more paint color suggestions, just ask!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

To Quilt or Not To Quilt

There is a wonderful small business in the next town that sells TONS of 100% cotton fabric for quilting, along with cute little gifts.  I've been considering whether to start quilting.  I've always thought it would probably be something I would enjoy, since I like to sew and design (such a great way to combine the two!)  Of course, I don't really know very much about quilting, but all I need is to find a book or two about it and I'll have no problems!  I mean, I taught myself to crochet from just a book, and to make jewelry from books, so quilting couldn't possibly be any more complicated than those.  My main hesitation is the lack of space in my house.  That, and I don't have a table upon which to work.  Every time I need to sew something, I have to put two tray tables together and put my drawing board on it so I have space to work.  SO...I would love to start making quilts (so I can add yet another thing to my list of crafts I enjoy), but I think I should probably wait until John and I build so I have the space I need.  Which is too bad because that quilt store is having a great sale right now on a few of their quilt kits.  *Heavy sigh*

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Journey Begins

I have to admit, I've considered starting a blog before, but I was never sure if I would have enough to say.  Well, a friend of mine has inspired me to start one, so here I go...onward into the unknown future of "words, words, words" (as Hamlet put it).  My level of stress, frustration, and depression has been extremely high this year, with no certain end in sight.  Time to push on though; wading my way through the filth of life and the chaos that is my mind.  Perhaps having a literary outlet will ease the tension and despair for a spell.

The purpose of this blog is to share design ideas (since I love to design), as well as to share my creativity with anyone interested in reading my blog.  I love to make things, all kinds of things, it makes me happy.  Jewelry is always fun, and who doesn't like some nice new dangly earrings and a matching necklace?  I've recently taken up crocheting; which I find very relaxing, even in this heat.  Of course, I also love doing both art and photography.  While I was in school for my Residential Planning diploma, I rediscovered the pencil artist in me (I'll make sure to post pictures of my work).  Digital art is also a lot of fun, though.  There are so many things that can be done digitally-though my digital art tends to be much more abstract and/or geometric than my traditional art.  As for photography, I am a proud shutterbug!  When I have kids-I'll have a million photos of them doing a million things.  I could use another lens or two though; which would improve my nature and macro photography.

To accompany the rest of the creative talents, I love to write.  I'm working on a poetry book right now (all my partially written novels are on a back burner for now).  Oh, and I love to sing and play the keyboard!  I'm not great (on the keyboard), but I get better the more I do it.

Well, I suppose that's enough about me for now.  Stay tuned for far more interesting and inspiring posts! :)