Tuesday, July 31, 2012

To Quilt or Not To Quilt

There is a wonderful small business in the next town that sells TONS of 100% cotton fabric for quilting, along with cute little gifts.  I've been considering whether to start quilting.  I've always thought it would probably be something I would enjoy, since I like to sew and design (such a great way to combine the two!)  Of course, I don't really know very much about quilting, but all I need is to find a book or two about it and I'll have no problems!  I mean, I taught myself to crochet from just a book, and to make jewelry from books, so quilting couldn't possibly be any more complicated than those.  My main hesitation is the lack of space in my house.  That, and I don't have a table upon which to work.  Every time I need to sew something, I have to put two tray tables together and put my drawing board on it so I have space to work.  SO...I would love to start making quilts (so I can add yet another thing to my list of crafts I enjoy), but I think I should probably wait until John and I build so I have the space I need.  Which is too bad because that quilt store is having a great sale right now on a few of their quilt kits.  *Heavy sigh*

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