Thursday, June 20, 2013

Black Bolero

Last week I decided to make a bolero from a pattern in The Happy Hooker called "Short 'N Sweet".  Theirs is done in a dark red 100% mercerized cotton; I used some black 100% acrylic Red Heart yarn I had on hand.  The pattern was pretty fun to stitch up (I'd never done around the post crocheting before).  I wasn't sure exactly which size I should make, but I figured a little bigger would be better than too small.  So, I went with the large size.  It is a little big, but I still like how it turned out.  I think the pattern would have shown up better with a lighter colored yarn.  If I make this again, I'll find some of the mercerized cotton in a light color.  I do like it though; it's pretty warm, so it should work great on cool nights (or in air conditioned building) over anything from a T-shirt to a dress (great for bonfires, parties, and anything outside from Spring through Autumn).  On to the next shrug!

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