Saturday, June 8, 2013

Crochet Patterns from Pinterest: Round 1

After pinning a ton of cute crochet patterns on Pinterest, I decided to try some of them out.  I started with a simple shrug.  I used 2 (125 yard) spools of Scarlet size 3 Crochet Thread.  Turned out pretty cute, huh?  I like red, but I think I'll make another in white.  Here's a link to the pattern: Spring Shrug Pattern

Then I found a bun cover pattern I though would be cool for my nieces, since they dance and wear their hair in buns all the time.  I used white with metallic size 5 Red Heart Crochet Thread (you can't see the metallic thread in the photo, but it's there) and 6mm white double satin ribbon for the close.  Here's the pattern link: All Too Perfect Crocheted Bun Cover

Finally, I made a hair spiral with some left over Spring Green Red Heart worsted weight yarn using this pattern by Danyel Pink: Crochet Pattern Hair Spirals  I think I'll make a few of these for my nieces. :)

So, what patterns am I going to try next?  I have my eye on a few simple ones, a couple bags, a roll for my crochet hooks, a pin cushion, a needle case, and a pretty shawl.  Stay tuned for new rounds! :)


  1. Fantastic crocheting! Love that shrug!! Too funny about the hair spirals - I've got a hair accessories roundup coming next week that includes those! Thanks for the link to the bun cover!!

    1. Thank you! The shrug was really easy to stitch up, and it's simple to adjust the size (which makes it very convenient). That is funny about the hair spirals! I saw them and thought...those are just too cute not to make. Thank you for the bun cover! :)