Sunday, June 2, 2013

Current Traditional and Digital Artwork

For traditional artwork, I use just about anything.  I like charcoal, colored pencils, oil pastels, oil paint, and watercolors.  Here are a few of my pieces. :)

"Penguins" watercolor

"Mt. St. Michel" watercolor based off a photo I took of it when in France.

"Spring Flower" colored pencil and oil pastel

"Snow Drop" colored pencil and oil pastel

"Rich Autumn Color" colored pencil and oil pastel

"Artist Life" graphite pencil and charcoal

As far as digital art goes, I really started doing more abstract work when I was getting my Residential Planning Diploma online at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.  I find it a good way to express my emotional state.  The first one is called "Peace and Tranquility", while the second one is called "Solar Glare".  Enjoy!

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