Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pallet Project Start-Up

I've been bitten by the pallet project bug!!  After seeing so many cool things made from shipping pallets (and pinning about a hundred of them), I've finally decided to give it a go for myself!

Step 1: find free pallets...CHECK...I found a couple places in town where I can get free shipping pallets on a regular basis (Sears even posted on Craigslist).

Step 2: decide which projects to try that will work with the pallets I table on casters for the living room, 2 chairs and a table for outside.

Step 3: get started!
I got 5 of these...they're in really good shape and look good!
These two are "not-so-great", but they should still be useable.
I dismantled one but am keeping the other one together to use as the main part of the table (you can see the pieces of the other one that I'll use to fill in the gaps).

Well, I got some really nice pallets that will be turned into the coffee table and outside chairs, and I got a couple pallets that aren't that great, but they'll work just fine for an outside table.  Today I managed to get one of the "not-so-great" pallets broken down using a sawzall and pry bar (so I have some extra wood to add to the other "not-so-great" pallet to make the table.)  I also managed to get one of the nice pallets sanded and stained (I used a stain and poly in one) for the coffee table.  I think I'm off to a pretty good start.  I have to figure out what to do for legs for the coffee table, and I'm planning to get casters so it will move easily in our little living room.

If it's not raining tomorrow, I'll see how the coffee table pallet looks.  I may add another coat of the stain/poly.  Then I'll head to Home Depot to find some casters!  This shouldn't take very long to finish up.

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