Sunday, July 14, 2013

Customer Orders

After posting the wrist warmers on Facebook, I got a couple orders for them!  So I made some in black to sell.  One of my friends has really small hands, so I had to adjust the size so they'd fit her correctly (which is harder to do when you've never crocheted anything based on someone's measurements before and you don't have her close enough to make sure it fits).  Luckily, when I took them downstate to her, they fit perfect!  Here's one of the pairs I made, this one I made a little shorter, so it doesn't go as far up the arm.  By the way, I'm selling them for $7 a pair in any color.


Then, while I was downstate for my niece's 12th birthday party (I can't believe she's 12 already), my sister liked my blue shrug so much she asked for one.  She wanted the sleeves to be full length, and she wanted it in really soft black.  I found some really nice black yarn at Threadbender Yarn Shop down in Wyoming, MI (Grand Rapids area) the next weekend when John and I were visiting his parents.  It's 52% Silk and 48% Merino Wool and SO SOFT!  It was more expensive ($9.00 for 108 yards), but totally worth it.  It turned out great.  She'll have to hand wash it, but I think she'll love the softness.  Another of my friends liked it too, so I just have to find out what color she wants it and I can make one for her!